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Web Episode 2 - 29/11/11

The second webisode of series 2 marks the return of everyone’s favourite country skanger, Paul Furlong! Captured in his native habitat of Wexford, Paul let slip that he’ll be in Dublin soon. And ladies, he’s single as a Pringle.

We’re still a little upset that RTÉ never commissioned our idea for ‘Paul Street’ – an odd-couple style sitcom where Paul Furlong and Dillon St Paul share a flat – but this will do for now.

Otherwise, the episode featured product placement being taken to a whole new level and another disastrous interview from Louise.  Miraculously she got the job.  To celebrate Lou and Jacinta went on the world’s worst double date and were abandoned by the two douche-bags within 30 seconds.

We did note Cici’s absence and can only assume that she was bumped up to the top of the lung transplant list.  We wish you a speedy recovery, Ms Cavanagh.

As real as Louise's credibility as someone who works in marketing.

The dramatic music when Louise walks into her job interview type thing. She could almost pass as a successful career woman. Plus 2

It’s nice that the Rockstars met Louold close to her house. She’s frail and can’t travel long distances. Plus 10.

Louise is finding it hard to get a celebrity for her tan party. Plus 3. How long before she asks Cici to step in and DJ

Special guest appearance by Emmy award-winning former Fair City actress, Rachel Kavanagh. Plus 3.

They all laugh when Louise leaves the interview. Plus 10

Dani’s Wexford accent gets stronger the second she sets foot in the Sunny South East. Plus 4 because you can’t take the culchie out of the girl.

Dani complains about not going out with the girls in Dublin anymore. Plus 8 for her finally realising what a real job is like and acknowledging that nobody likes her.

Pothole” probably was a term for men in the 1950s so Plus 3 for the old bat.

Really sound or really hot?” seems like a game model/DJs would realistically play. Plus 5.

The girls genius' plan to text each other under the table if anything goes wrong. An accurate representation of their mental age. Plus 6

Dani’s singer friend has about as many fans as Kid Karate. Plus 2.

Plus 60 for Paul’s return. He is also ditched by his friend when he walks into the bar. Presumably because the friend saw Dani. Plus 3

Even Dani realises tribal tattoos are awful. Plus 4.

Dani's visible concern when she hears Paul is coming to Dublin. Plus 4

Plus 1 for Dani's maturity when dealing with her ex. She's finally growing up!

Obviously Louise complains about her and Jacinta’s dates being late. Plus 7 because time’s a tickin’ for this one.

Of course Louise’s date is a gym bunny. Wonder if he goes to the same one as Diarmuid and Harrison? Plus 3.

The guys ditch the girls for a smoke. In fairness, cancer is a more appealing prospect than spending time with the girls. Plus 9

Cinta's cheeky look while texting at Louise to get the fuck out of there. Wow, something that was meant to be amusing in the show that we actually found amusing. Plus 1


As fake as Rockstar Tan.

Lou goes for an interview in jeans. This won’t make them think you’re younger.  Minus 4.

Man from Rockstar Tan explains why Louise is there. Because she didn't know why before coming in? It's almost as if they have to explain it for somebody who might have just caught the conversation there, like a television viewer or something. Minus 4

New blood and new ideas” is what the Rockstar Tan man is looking for.  Minus 6 because the person he’s interviewing recently entered her 6th century.

Louise says she has access to a high profile guest list. Now, that's just not true is it, honey? Minus 3

Lou’s pitch involving eeh, celebrities and um, press was almost as ill-informed and vague as her Stellar interview. Minus 4.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for Rockstar Tan to contact Stellar directly instead of doing it via a failed intern? Minus 6.

We’re not called Rockstar for nothing” say four suits. Minus 3.

Louise is in the Grafton Lounge when she gets the job and hasn't bought anything. This almost looks like product placement. Minus 3

Minus 3 for Loubot’s phone connection.

Louise mentions her contacts in Dublin Ink. We wouldn't. Minus 1

Left: "You don't get this in Dublin". Right: OH RLY? 
Dani thinks that there aren’t harbours or gigs in Dublin. Eh, didn't she work for MCD in Dun Laoghaire? Minus 6.

And for that matter Minus 4 for Wexford Town...just in general.

Jacinta’s headband gets her a Minus 4.

You're not even friends on Facebook so you don't even know if he's a big weirdo?” - Louise on Jacinta's date. Because all women went on dates with murderer/rapist/ethnic clensers up until the invention of the social network. Minus 3

Paul has a friend in Dublin. We know he's cool and all but how likely is this? Really? Minus 3

Paul isn't seeing anybody. Impossible! He's such a catch! Minus 6

They’re sound” – Paul on boys from Dublin. Wrong, they’re “fuckin’ eejits”.  Minus 6.

The kichen has stopped serving food yet the girls order desert during the date. Minus 5

Total: +73 – Paul saves the day!

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The comments on this blog, no matter how offensive, are aimed at the characters portrayed in the show and not the bad actors who play them. In the event that a libel case arises we would get pleasure out of seeing RTÉ prove that the show is an accurate portrayal of anybody’s life….anywhere.

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