Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Coming Back! - Fade Street Season 2

It is with tears of orgasmic joy that we can announce that the ever-groundbreaking Fade Street Twitter profile today revealed that "Fade Street is coming back !!!"

Of course we hope, following last Series 1's Emmy-nominated cliffhanger, that the questions that everybody from the local shopkeeper to the president had on their minds will be answered.

Will Vogue get his knob chopped off to satisfy loverboy Brian McFadden? Will Dani take classes in how to act like a lady? Will Louise get a botched facelift that leaves her face in permanent bitch mode? Will we have an Intervention style special in which Cici tries to kick her dirty fag habit once and for all? Will Paul Galvin be cast as an in the closet footballer who compulsively buys expensive yet vile clothes and feels the need to tell everybody about it?

The biggest question, obviously, is if the delectable Paul Furlong will make a triumphant return by rolling up the stairs of the Workman's Club telling everybody to "fuck off" before declaring his undying love for Dani while masturbating and crying in front of her.

We'll keep updating you on this exciting development when information becomes available. If you have any info or see any filming do get in contact.

Our Twitter page is now up and running. Follow us and expect plenty of live blogging during shows and any other FS news/sightings.

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