Thursday, December 9, 2010

Episode 5 - 9/12/10

Cici managed to drag herself away from her box of Johnny Blue’s for her exclusive indoor scene. Louise’s role as evil stepmother to Dani’s bratty Snow White continues to develop. Otherwise…shit-all happened. What did you expect, it’s Fade St!

As real as Louise’s hot flushes

Cameraman already in Dani’s room when Louise comes in. Probable, since she’d slept with him the night before. Plus 3

Dani’s inability to find a job. Wow! Recession has finally hit Fade Street. Plus 2

Dani’s amazing CV montage. Not as good as Vogue’s DJ learning montage but sill Plus 3

Louise: “Boys are the last thing on my mind”. Of course they are, Oldie Hawn. Everybody knows that the menopause lowers your sex drive. Plus 2

Louise doesn’t like tattoos because in her day only sailors had tats. Plus 2

Actually, no wonder Cici’s in the show so little. By the sound of her voice she’s clearly waiting for that new lung. Plus 4

Jules hates Beaver Boy. Everybody hates Beaver Boy. He’s icky. Plus 2

“It’s so hot in here,” says sexy surfer boy on the Dublin Eye. Well it would be if you were in a pod the size of a Smart Car with two cameramen, a director, a sound man and another actor. Plus 4

Louise turning down a kiss? Well, she never did recover after her husband was killed in the battle of the Somme. Plus 5

“I have some Lidl dry cider in the fridge,” says Dani to gay Steven. We all know that’s culchie rhyming slang for “D’ya wanna ride?” Plus 2

Dunnes Crisped Rice is the girls’ cereal of choice. At least the girls finally got together and realised where their nearest supermarket is. Plus 2

Louise waiting up for Dani like a concerned mother. If only she had had the lights turned off and turned around in a chair and had a purring cat in her hands. Epic cockblock! Plus 6

Plus 10 for the amazing way that Dani’s Wexford accent comes out when she’s pissed off.

As fake as Dani’s self control
“I don’t want to see you in bed when I get home from work.” Well where else would you expect to find Dani? Minus 2

Susan gives the girls a serious speech about having to let them go yet gives them absolutely no reason. It’s almost as if RTÉ need to add some conflict to the plot. Minus 5

Louise to Vogue: “May the best lady win”. Vogue? Lady? Minus 3

Louise listing her own flaws? Funny that never came up in her killer job interview with Stellar? Minus 3

Susan telling the girls exactly what day it is. Yes because that’s how it would realistically go if the cameras weren’t there. Minus 2. She also tells them exactly what you need to do because that’s exactly how it goes when you have two incompetent twats as interns.

Funny we see only see Dani applying for jobs in hip places. We never saw her ask in Dunnes which is just a two minute walk from her house, mind you. Minus 1

Blink PR office looks like Louise and Dani’s house. Are RTÉ saving money on studio sets? Then again, maybe we’re just jealous. Minus 2

Wait…is that…surely not…is that a shot of Henry St? Wow, there’s life on the north side of that river? Minus 3

Wow, Cici inside? Doesn’t she know we have a smoking ban here? Minus 8

Dani making such a big deal about Steven asking her out for a drink. The same Steven she has had multiple drinks with and even a game of crazy golf? Minus 4

Five unopened bottles of wine in a pair of interns’ house? Just not realistic. Minus 5

Wine Swap! Gay Steven’s glass turns from red to white in seconds. Is he Fade Street’s answer to Jesus? Er, probably not, he’s also icky. Minus 6

Louise shows emotion? Minus 3

And finally…only a cameo by Dillon St Paul?! Minus 10 Someone please tell him to accept our friend request on Facebook.

Minus 6 thanks Dillon!

The comments on this blog, no matter how offensive, are aimed at the characters portrayed in the show and not the bad actors who play them. In the event that a libel case arises we would get pleasure out of seeing RTÉ prove that the show is an accurate portrayal of anybody’s life….anywhere.


  1. Its going to happened some night when i'm out and wasted that I pretend to be the genius that writes this blog.

  2. This is quality, I too have a similar fetish, check it out

  3. only watch the show to read this after!


  5. Only thing worse then fade street is all the young Dublin trendies that blog about how bad it is.

    "Oh yeah we're from Dublin & we're trendy & we live similar lives to the cast but no no no we would never be on fade street! Thats so naff!
    i just blog about it"


  6. Ouch. This made us feel sad. We did note the fact that the comment came from a trendy blog that publishes pictures that are solely of graffiti or were photoshopped to make them look vintage. So we take it that you were being ironic and, in that case, thank you very much.

  7. Your argument is invalid because you have a blog about fade street.

  8. Dude, no offense, but you're pretty goddamn trendy yourself. So lets not start calling pots and kettles black. I think Fade St and the spin-off blogs are merely in existence for comical purposes, no others. Lets give Fake St the props it deserves, no?

  9. fucknfilthy, you are everything that's wrong with Dublin. There is nothing on your blog that is remotely intelligent.

  10. Josh you disgusting piece of plastic odourless shit.

    You've some cheek coming on here giving out about trendies. Your the personification of a trend, and how dull you must be to not realise it.

    But maybe you've forgotten your impressive transformation from joshjoshjosh to Joshua Gordon. From Electro to Deadmau5 to Tech House and now to Deep House; all i its worst forms but whatever the kids are calling cool, right? And now even branching out to bland fashion and art. I look forward to seeing whats next, maybe some "future garage" and a 3D film?

    Good luck portraying that image you wanna be so much, because thats all you are; a fucking image.

  11. Terry Palmer that really hit hard.
    Its means a lot that you are familiar with my history and are paying close attention to my life , fans like you really mean a lot to me.
    Thank you kindly.
    If you would like an autographed picture just drop me an email.

  12. Can Terry have one of your shit tees instead Josh? Or maybe one of your fabulous, eh, well shit tees are all you actually do. What a visionary.

  13. Of course!
    I do one other thing which comprises of inserting my penis into your mother.

  14. Ah Josh its good to see all the re-branding hasn't gone to your head. And I wouldn't expect anything less with that mother comment; bland and un-original.

    I'd love a signed photo, this one if you don't mind:

    The camera close to your face really brings out your pretension.

  15. I wouldn't be the first person to have an embarrassing picture of themselves taken when they were 15.
    It is quite funny.
    Not as funny as the fact you took the time and effort to go and find it.
    You sad miserable bastard you.
    Get a life , and get off my nuts .
    I know my penis is beautiful & you want it in your mouth ,
    but please find a girlfriend or a hobby , or buy an xbox or something.


  16. Did you just say that you know your penis is beautiful? That's the best END OF to an argument I've ever encountered. Props. I know my penis is beautiful...

  17. I should be getting a mould of it made soon for Terry Palmer to glue to his forehead.

  18. Oooohh...You're taking the eloquent route to calling Terry a dickhead. Is there anything that you can't do?!

  19. I don't know,
    you tell me.. you sexy mysterious bastard .

  20. Did I not previously mail you on facebook asking if you had a problem?
    & You responded with , "no , I'm actually a fan".
    It's extremely easy to be a cheeky little prick when your identity is being kept completely anonymous , I doubt you would even have the balls to utter an insult or snide comment to me in real life.

  21. More penis content here than in Vogue's jocks.

  22. bwahahahahahaha this coming from joshjoshjosh gordongordongordon who couldnt even keep a job in a trendy sneaker store for more than a week, so decided to get a wankers hair cut, a moustache, and wear stupid hats and "dj" so what else do the uber cool hipsters of dublin need to do? of course! a fashion label, cause american apparel is so last month man.

    fake st, props on the blog man, hits the trendy nail on the hipster head.

    i think we should have an end of series party somewhere, and check out the amazing "dj" skills of cici, josh and vogzilla the hun

  23. That made little to no sense.
    I think we should have an end of the series party where I tickle your dads balls while you tell me you love me xoxoxoxox

  24. wow, you really mention balls and cocks alot....hmmmm is the new hipster trend to be gay now?

  25. After reading through these comments and looking at the links contained in them, I think we should refrain from commenting on Josh Gordon in the interests of not discriminating against the mentally retarded.

    Many people have laughed at how someone could try and use 'your mother' and penis jokes as a way of insulting someone in 2011 but I believe that Josh has such severely diminished mental capacity that these jokes strike him as fresh and original.

    My thoughts are that Josh is on the extreme upper end of the Asperger's spectrum. Check out his blog - it is just a collection of photos! I think he compiles these together as a way of trying to make sense of the hostile environment that most people call normal life. I think the fact that nothing is written underneath is surely a sign of his retarded verbal and writing skills.

    The interesting thing about the Autism diagnosis is that Josh doesn't seem to display any of the traditional traits of the Idiot Savant. In fact Josh doesn't seem to be good at anything but he does possess wonderful imaginative skills. Anyone who has seen the photos of him pretending to be a DJ will surely attest to that. I can only speculate that calling himself Joshjoshjosh was not out of choice but was a vocal tic due to his poor vocalisation and language skills. And to the people laughing at the picture of the 15 year old Josh should be ashamed of themselves - a person who is unable to dress or groom themselves is not a thing to be mocked!

    Obviously I think I should leave it at that as I don't want to draw any more attention to the awful mental disabilities that affect Josh but I'll just finish by saying Josh, keep fighting the good fight, keep up the intensive therapy and you'll be able to interact with the general populace sometime in the near future…

  26. Oh sweet Jesus ,
    essay after essay after essay .

    who are you? what do you all do?
    I would love to see one of the anonymous unmasked & see how you all feel & react when you're put on a pedestal.

    Say what you want , it's all gravy , everyone is entitled to there opinions.
    You might be under the impression that I am not good at anything but
    What magical talents do you all possess? I'd love to hear all of your fantastic accomplishments.
    I'm not going to list everything I've done in the past year here ,
    but I have made substantial headway in all of my chosen fields.
    May not seem like a big deal to any of you ,
    but to me & my friends it's a fair list of accomplishments for a 20 year old that was just sitting on his arse doing nothing last year.
    And definitely a start at doing what I want to do & making a living doing what I love.

    Thats good enough for me.

    If anybody would like to see me "pretend to dj"
    I'm playing in Pygmallion this friday , feel free to approach me , speak your piece & explain to me why you feel so passionately about me doing what I do , if you believe what I'm doing is shit then do something better.
    Don't moan about it.

  27. See your last two lines there? Now, go back, look at the first comment you left here, realise the total dick you've made of yourself and then just walk away...for your own sake.

  28. This thread might be hilarious and full of original insults but it's gone just a thousandth of a millimeter off topic. If you have anything to say to each other we suggest you do it by mail. Much love, the crew.

  29. Hey Fake St., I don't want to be going off topic and Josh obviously I don't want you to take me up wrong. I understand you've achieved so much, given your condition, in the lofty worlds of graffiting, hat wearing, blogs with no words and laptop djing.

    Obviously some people might think slagging off a satirical blog that slags off a programme you're going to appear on might be a touch sensitive and completely but we really know it's because you're a spa. Sorry, sorry, autistic. Apologies to anyone offended by my slip of the tongue.

  30. Hat wearing & blogs with no words!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Josh, Apologies in advance for the 'essay' but just a few points worth noting...

    A) Where did you get the notion that anyone on here has put you on a 'pedestal'??? You are just about in the public eye, just about, that is not the same thing as being put on a pedestal. I'm pretty sure the majority of people on here had never even heard of you until you started mouthing off and since then, with every one of your comments, I would say there has been a rapid decline in any respect anyone did have for you before. So yeah get that whole 'pedestal' idea out of your head.

    B) Big props for you making a go of things and getting on you're feet and I mean that seriously! But are you really that insecure that you have to come on here trying to tell a load of people you don't know and clearly don't respect what you have achieved?! Why would you even care what we think??? Do you want everyone on here to give you a big cyber pat on the back like?

    C) Blogs like this are the reason Fade Street is in any way a success. It certainly isn't for the amazing acting, or the manipulated scenes which have been played out many times before in other 'reality' TV shows. If you know anything about PR you will know that any publicity is good publicity. Blogs like this get people interested and talking about it. And if you care about your friends in Fade Street at all you should be thankful for them, because due to said blogs it may even get a second series.

    D) On that note, if you are this sensitive, I would however advise not appearing in any more episodes or commenting on the blogs because you are clearly not up to people speaking negatively about you. Unfortunately shows like this and anyone who appears in any small way in the public eye will get spoken about and you have to be able to take the bad with the good. That's the very nature of celebrityism! Do you think David and Victoria Beckham for example spend hours every night scouring blogs etc to find out what people are saying about them and comment on negative comments to say, 'oh please don't say that, it's not very nice.'

    E) And finally, and most importantly, you must remember that, there we were, on here one day, just having a bit of a laugh and then bang, before we even knew of your existence, the Joshmeister rocks up to rain on the parade and start slagging US off!!! And THEN has the audacity to complain about people insulting HIM when clearly (bar the autism joke) he has posted the worst insults on here. Maybe you need to take a bit of time to go back and see all that YOU wrote. To be immature about it, you started it all, before you even appeared in the show. While you're reading back over it, Liam's comment says it best there! And just to reitirate, in your own words, 'If you believe what I'm doing is shit do something better, don't moan about it.' Please apply this to the case in point.

    Best of luck with everything and I really do hope things keep on the up for you!

  33. And apologies Fake St. Crew for continuing this when you asked not to, but just had to get that off my chest. Hopefully Josh might see some sense in it. Loving your work btw!!!